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9 March 2020 was the day I first heard about The Listening Place. It was the day I found myself at King’s College A&E after I tried to end my life. After years of drug and alcohol abuse, losing a job that I loved and relationship issues, I couldn’t see a way out, other than “the” way out. Long story short, the Psych Liaison officer referred me to The Listening Place. Which saved my life.

In April 2020, I decided that I needed a goal. That goal would be to run the Brighton Marathon! Not being a runner I thought that would be something crazy enough to keep me focussed through all the turmoil that was going on with me at that time.

So I ran. I ran and I ran! I ran in the snow, hail, rain, blazing sun. I grew to love running, I found that running helped me to not run away from my problems, instead helped me to focus on the good things in life and not the bad. Along with the support of my friends and family and The Listening Place, running helped me to save myself from myself.

On 12 September 2021, I ran in the Brighton Marathon. I was so proud to wear and represent The Listening Place. It was one of the toughest experiences of my life, but I knew that I could achieve my goal if I could just put one foot in front of the other.

I remember my amazing TLP volunteer, Alan, once asked me: “Colleen, how do you eat an elephant?” I was genuinely confused, hahaha, I said: “What?! I don’t understand, Alan!” He replied: “One plate at a time” That will forever be my answer to myself when I find life gets too hard.

Nga mihi, TLP.

Thank you, TLP, you helped me to see that life really is worth living.

Mauri ora, Colleen.