What do we offer

TLP provides free, face-to-face, ongoing support, by appointment, for those who feel that life is no longer worth living.

Carefully trained and selected volunteers, working in a supportive environment and backed by experienced mental health professionals, have regular meetings with our Visitors who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, plans and actions.

We provide fortnightly sessions, based on active listening and befriending: building trust and a supportive relationship, usually for 3 month period. Our impact measurement shows that this helps people with suicidal thoughts to openly discuss, examine and reflect on their situation with a warm and supportive Volunteer.

Who are our Visitors?

Almost anyone who has suicidal thoughts. The Listening Place can currently support more than 4000 visitors per year.

We receive referrals at the rate of over 500 per month and that is increasing every month. Our referrals come from more than 130 partners including the NHS, charities, the Police and Social Services. Visitors are referred by many different parts of the NHS but particularly A&E Departments, mental health triage services, IAPT services and GP practices. The many charities who make referrals include Hestia, Maytree and British Red Cross.

People from all walks of life and any life circumstances can feel that life is no longer worth living. The people who we support come from a widely diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and ethnicities; many have been the victims of incredibly challenging situations.

Anyone can feel suicidal, and there is no ‘stereotypical’ Visitor.

Most people that have suicidal feelings do not want to die. They just do not want to carry on living the way they feel.

Sarah Anderson, TLP CEO

Why does it work?

A welcoming space with warm caring non-judgemental people – outside the typical public health and social services system:

The Listening Place premises are a non-clinical, welcoming space, in the centre of London, easily accessible by all forms of public transport. Visitors know that we are comfortable talking about suicide and are fully confidential. So they feel safe enough to talk about every aspect of their distress without the worry of intervention.

Talking about suicide is possibly the most important thing that can be done in supporting someone that no longer sees the point in living. That is the focus of what we do. We enable Visitors to talk about suicide.

As one Visitor put it...

I am very grateful for the opportunity to explore my thoughts and feelings around suicidal intent. It’s the first time in my life that I felt I could speak openly without being judged, without someone else telling me how or what I should be thinking or feeling.